Northstar Sleep School helps individuals, teams, and professionals harness the power of sleep to elevate performance and improve quality of life.


From Bozeman and beyond, Northstar Unplugged explores rest, unplugging, transitions, and finding what fuels you.

Meet Kristen

Founder of Northstar Sleep School

Host of Northstar Unplugged

After a lifetime of high-achieving, career-induced sleep deprivation left me with crushing burnout and chronic health issues, I knew something had to change. And then I discovered firsthand how sleeping well — and sleeping enough — could not only help to heal my body and mental health, but improve my performance, relationships, and quality of life.

I’ve dedicated my career to sharing what I learned about sleep science. Through workshops, online courses, and one-on-one coaching, I help individuals, teams, and professionals harness the power of sleep to elevate mind-body health, performance, and wellbeing. I break down the science into approachable steps and practical habit shifts to help you achieve better rest and recovery.

My goal is to help people from all walks of life experience true rejuvenation, with more energy to spend on the things that really matter — which are different for all of us.


In a world that demands more of our time, attention, and energy than ever before, prioritizing rest is a revolutionary act.

The messages are subtle, but everywhere, that we should forgo our evolutionary needs in order to stay up late working, studying, or socializing, then rise well before dawn to perfect our morning routine, while spending the in-between hours in full-on achievement mode.

But the truth is that when we skimp on sleep, we’re just drawing from our own precious — and finite — energy stores. We can feel it after a single all-nighter. The drain, the fatigue, the slow reaction times. And over time, carving away our nights to try to lengthen our days catches up with us in the form of health problems, disease, distraction, and stress.

Northstar is on a mission to help make sleep a priority again. Because the benefits of sleep are more than personal — they’re universal. When we care for our own health through better rest and recovery, we can fully and authentically show up for our families, our teams, our businesses, and our communities. Our positive impact and influence expands — a ripple effect of rest with the power to reshape our world.

Core Values

Science made simple

From cutting-edge research to subject-matter expertise, we discern fact from fiction, breaking down the science into approachable steps to help you get the best rest of your life, consistently. We use personal sleep devices, a science-backed toolkit, and the power of psychology to help you experience real, measurable results.

Purpose-led, passion-driven

When it comes to high-performance mindsets, our why is everything. The fire that inspires us to get out of bed each morning, roll up our sleeves, and go make a difference. From the Northstar Unplugged podcast, to the philosophy behind our sleep school workshops and courses, our ethos is about aligning actions and intentions to create the better world we want to live in.

The beauty of balance

We believe in self-care that goes deeper. In rest that revives body, mind, and spirit. In investing in our sleep, so we have the energy, motivation, and fuel to be fully present and amplify our impact. Getting good sleep skyrockets our performance, potential, and personal power, in every area of our lives.


Hosted by Kristen Rainey, the Northstar Unplugged podcast is brought to you from Bozeman, Montana. With guests from all backgrounds and walks of life, we explore personal journeys and collective experiences. Unplugged is dedicated to conversations about rest, unplugging, transitions, and finding what fuels you.